About Us

Shewit Tafere Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Robert M Pairs Chicago, Illinois

Fashions By Nanu came about because of a discussion taking place at a minority-owned business group meeting in Chicago, Illinois. The topic of discussion concerned the relationship between members of the African diaspora and the African American community. It was pointed out that the descendants of Africans in the United States were not doing enough to create and maintain a meaningful dialog with our brethren on the African continent as well as within Black communities all over the United States. It was also mentioned that there is no national Black managed organization that is effectively addressing this issue, so it will be up to individuals to explore ways to change this current paradigm.

By chance, Robert Pairs and Shewit Terere met and became Facebook Friends. After many conversations online, they soon discovered that they both had an interest in (1) improving relationships between the African diaspora and the greater African communities throughout the Continent of Africa, (2) fostering an economic environment which would benefit the Afro-Centric communities wherever they may be, and (3) provide the means to help, where and when we could, people who are having a problem. That’s a tall order, but it has to start somewhere and at some time.

Mission Statement: It is the goal of Fashions By Nanu to promote understanding and goodwill between the African diaspora and the African American community through the means of collaborative entrepreneurship and to offer to the world, quality, fashionable and affordable garments to the young at heart.